Promise Land Baits Hand Made In The USA Custom Soft Plastic Baits

Welcome to Promised Land Baits. We are committed in bringing you the highest quality in hand injected, madeĀ in USA, soft plastic fishing baits and lures.

Our soft plastic fishing baits are made with the highest quality soft plastic available, giving you a tough and durable bait that gives you more bites for your money. Yet they are super soft. That allows for incredible action and a easy hook set. The color patterns we offer are proven patterns that will produce for you where ever you fish. They are impregnated with time proven scents and flavor that help trigger more bites and get fish to hold on longer. Giving you a better chance of hooking up.

Regardless if you are a casual weekend bass angler or serious tournament competitor, we appreciate your business and we will do all we can to insure your satisfaction. As an avid recreational and tournament angler myself I am very passionate about fishing I work very hard to ensure the quality of the baits we are making. I hope you will let our soft plastic baits take your fishing experience to the Promised Land!

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